Medical Marijuana - Federal Law And Its Adverse Effects

19 Dec

Medical Marijuana, also known as medical cannabis, is pharmaceutical cannabis and Cannabinoids which are usually prescribed to patients by doctors for their ailments. It has been estimated that there are two to three million people in the United States alone who are using medical marijuana for relief of symptoms associated with common maladies like the cancer pain. It is also recommended by many researchers that this plant may have many more benefits for human health than is currently known. The main active ingredient found in medicinal marijuana is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. It is often compared to THC in wine or beer and has similar affects on the human body as it does to the human body. Keep reading this link to discover more about medical marijuana.

Medical cannabis is highly useful in providing relief to patients suffering from serious form of diseases. It has been used to treat AIDS, Crohn's disease, chemotherapy patients, glaucoma, pain caused due to multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms, seizures and many other medical conditions. The medicinal marijuana can also be used to alleviate the painful symptoms brought about by certain types of cancers. But the government at present is not legalising the use of medical marijuana even for medicinal purposes.

The United States federal government has always opposed the medical use of marijuana especially in the state of California. It has considered it as a dangerous drug that has a potential power to induce addiction and dependency. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has also stated that the medicinal use and recreational use of this plant should be kept strictly under the strict supervision of doctors and health care providers. Currently in California the only way through which you can buy medical marijuana is through the purchase of a doctor's prescription, which is valid for three years. Check out: if you wish to get enlightened about the topic.

In spite of all the facts and statements by leading medical bodies, many researchers and citizens are still in favor of medical cannabis. There are some states in the United States such as Minnesota, which are yet to legalise the recreational use of medical marijuana. The recent news about the correlation between recreational marijuana use and schizophrenia is one more reason for the people to express their opinion. Even though the studies so far have not found any direct link between the two, the advocates of medical cannabis believe that there may be a link between both the two.

According to some sources the United States federal law has no rules or regulations regarding the production, distribution or consumption of medicinal cannabis. Though according to experts, state governments can decide whether the cannabis plant can be dried smoked or put in vapor form for example. Medical cannabis is seen as a plant that has been grown and used for hundreds of years with various positive results but the federal law prohibits anyone from buying, cultivating, possessing, selling or cultivating any cannabis plants.

On the contrary to what critics say, the proponents of medical marijuana maintain that the substance has helped thousands of people across the country from different kinds of illnesses including cancer, glaucoma, and MS pain, to name a few. The main argument against the regulation of medical marijuana by the federal level is that it violates the rights of patients who rely on the substance to alleviate their symptoms. In fact, many experts maintain that despite the federal law and the view of many authorities around the world that the substance has harmful psychoactive effects, it actually reduces the risks of acquiring psychological problems such as anxiety, depression and schizophrenia. So, whether the use of medical marijuana should be legalized remains to be seen at this point of time. Take a look at this link: for more information about this topic.

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